Frequently Asked Questions

All payments except federal tax intercepts are first applied to any current month obligation, and then to interest and lastly to arrears.

If you have not received the check 14 days after it was issued, contact our office and our financial staff will send you the appropriate forms to complete. 

When our financial staff receives the forms back from you, a "stop payment" order will be placed on the check. A new check will then be issued. The entire process may take as long as 3 weeks. (To avoid delay in receiving your child support money, we highly recommend custodial parents sign up for the electronic payment card or direct deposit. 

Either of these payment options is available to custodial parents by calling the State Disbursement Unit at: (866) 901-3212. 

Paying parents (non-custodial parents) also have the option of setting up automatic monthly child support payments from a bank account or using a credit card. To do so, paying parents can call the State Distribution Unit at (866) 901-3212. 

Custodial parents and paying parents will be required to provide their participant ID # and social security # when calling the State Distribution Unit – if you need your Participant ID # - please call our office at (866) 901-3212.)